Aerial Filming


Aerial filming is a complex matter requiring specialist knowledge and meticulous briefing . Whatever your requirement we have a solution:  Ultramedia, Cineflex, StabC ,Vectorvision and 3D aerials - right down to good old-fashioned open air filming from the rear of a WW2 bomber - we’ve done them all. We can even provide a Cat 1 medical approved cameraman for fast jet flying. 


There are major considerations to be taken into account when planning an aerial shoot. Where is the sortie actually going to take place as there is a wealth of rules and regulations in place by the CAA, for example the CAA precludes the use of single engine helicopters over parts of central London, and on the fixed wing side of things, areas and altitudes have to be pre designated in order to fly a "race track" without conflicting with normal air traffic operations.


On a smaller scale, shooting either 2D or 3D using the latest gyro stabilised Quadrocopters brings amazing imagery to the big screen when space is confined and we have recently used them to great effect on the Skoda 3D film





Its all in the planning


Whatever the platform that best suits your project in hand its imperitive that the sorties are flown safely.


Having undertaken many hundreds of hours we pride ourselves on the quality of our briefings which inevitaby lead to a successful outcome. Careful and safe planning is key.



With thanks to Aerial Camera Systems for Cinefex footage
Radio controlled Quadrocopters provide a cheap alternate to Helicopters in more confined environments
G LEAR is one of only a few aircraft able to be fitted with the Vectorvision camera system
The Cineflex V14 is the industry standad in Helicopter filming operations
Filming on the RED 5K camera system for the Royal Saudi Air Force